How Does IV Chelation Therapy work?

IV Chelation Therapy is considered an “alternative medicine” with the purpose of eliminating toxins and “heavy metals” from the body.

Chela – is derived from the Greek language. It means a “claw”.

Chelation therapy refers to the use of an agent that “binds” to a substance with a “claw-like” action. In this context, it is commonly used for heavy metal detoxification as IV EDTA or IV DMPS binds irreversibly to its respective heavy metal(s). Vitamin C, certain antioxidants (such as glutathione), trace elements, and substances such as IV DMPS or IV EDTA have been used as chelating agents.

What is involved in IV Chelation Therapy?

IV Chelation Therapy can have serious side effects if it is used incorrectly. Therefore, it is vital to understand what is involved to minimise the risk of the treatment. That is, the therapy will only be administered with proven heavy metal toxicity which may require specific testing.

Initial assessment

A 1 hour initial assessment needs to be booked for $420 (no medicare rebate) with the appropriate health professional. This may include relevant testing to assure your suitability and safety of the therapy.

The Treatment

Once approved for the treatment, your IV Chelation Therapy will be will last approximately 3 hours and you will be carefully monitored. This treatment cannot be administered quickly. Additionally, you may benefit from repeated treatments as a one off treatment does not resolve the problem. This is to be discussed with the doctor.

Follow up

A follow up appointment is necessary to discuss your results and a treatment plan.

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