Introduction to weight loss

Weight loss is a loss or decrease in body weight. The loss of weight can be due to the change in diet or less consumption of food as compared on a daily basis. Ideally, weight loss is due to a loss of body fat, but in cases of extreme weight loss, protein in the form of muscle can be lost leading to a decrease in muscle mass.

People around the world come to the idea of weight loss due to many reasons. A desire to look good for an event such as getting married, getting into “shape” for an equally important occasion. Creating a short-term goal that provides an unexpected boost of motivation. There are also many social reasons for losing weight; such as when you are trying to project a particular image either at work or in a social setting. It has become a popular goal to look a certain way to one’s sense of “self” and has a major impact on self-esteem.

How to lose weight?

Simply following a clean and healthy eating plan is an ideal place to start. Creating healthy eating habits, focusing on portion size can lead to weight loss without needing any special diet plans.

Body weight is determined by many factors including; genetic background, eating routine, dietary content/portion and exercise.

Our body weight is determined by the food we take on a daily basis and the amount of work or activities we do. Energy is calculated in kilojoules (kJ) or calories (cal). If our energy intake exceeds what we use to burn up in our daily activities the net result is weight gain.

Energy in = Energy out = Stable body weight

Our daily routine and working habits will consume energy and determines how much energy (either kilojoules or calories) we need to consume each day. Someone who is involved in performing difficult or extreme physical labour will obviously burn more energy up in a day than somebody who is seated at a desk most of the day in an air-conditioned room. For people whose jobs do not require concentrated physical goings, exercise or increased physical activity can increase the number of kilojoules or calories burned.

To lose weight, we need to modify our present habits. This means eating a smaller amount of food even when eating healthy food, good diet and being more active.

For women; energy intake in kilojoules is between 8-9,000 KJ, or between 1600 to 2000 calories and on the other hand men should take about 2000 to 3000 calories a day, depending upon their physique, routine, age, habits, overall health, activities, height.

Optimising weight is the best way to live a healthy and happy life.

Unhealthy eating habits such as eating excessively or choosing to eat a “junk food” based diet that is loaded with lots of carbs and fats. Along with energy loaded fizzy drinks is a common cause in modern day life for weight gain.

The idea is to lose weight in the healthiest way possible and follow this up with the necessary healthy eating strategies or plans, especially after you have lost weight. This should include adequate amounts of protein, vegetables and fruit that are full of vitamins, and minerals with restricted or reduced amounts of fat and sugar.

Points for Successful Weight Loss

  • The desire to lose weight must come from a specific place – be motivated and make it so
  • If you are not perfect in dieting don’t blame yourself give your 100% and do not give up
  • Avoid remain hungry or do not skip the meal, this will damage your health, take every meal but meal must be healthy
  • Place yourself with company or people who help and motivate you this will help you to remain on task
  • If you miss a diet one day due to some reason do not give up and continue your diet from next day
  • Stock up your refrigerator and cupboards with healthy food so you don’t have eat unhealthy food options that are easier to find. Be organised and have back ups
  • Look for some low-fat foods recipes on the internet if you do not know about them. Be careful as some low-fat foods have hidden carbohydrates in them
  • Never compare your weight loss with others everyone has different metabolic so don’t compare and demotivate yourself
  • If you want to go to restaurants go where you can control yourself and eat the things which you know will not disturb your diet
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