As a new patient with Dr. Maria, you will experience an extensive, investigative consultation process and your case will be prepared by Dr. Maria before your 2nd appointment.

The first appointment is 60 minutes and will be charged at $395. This will attract a Medicare rebate of $108.85.

  Your follow up appointment usually lasts for 30 minutes, occasionally 45 minutes if there is a lot of information to cover for your review. The charge is:
30 minutes – $185 with a Medicare rebate of $73.95.
45 minutes – $290 with a Medicare rebate of $108.85.
15 minutes – $95 with a Medicare rebate of $38.85.


new patient forms

Standard Consultation: This is the most common consult, and usually takes up to 30 minutes or part thereof.
Total Fee: $185.00 with a Medicare rebate of $73.95

Long Consultation: In this consultation, you will spend up to 45 minutes or part thereof.
Total Fee: $290.00 with a Medicare rebate of $108.85

Prolonged Consultation: This is a prolonged consultation for 60 minutes, for complex medical consultations.
Total Fee: $395.00 with a Medicare rebate $108.85

Duration for all consultations starts at 30 minutes or part thereof. If an appointment goes beyond 60 minutes the charge is pro-rata based. 

(Medicare Rebates are correct at time of publication, and may change without notice)

Ideal Protein Consultation with a health coach

Initial appointment: 1 hour – cost $180. No rebate.
Follow up: 15 minutes – cost $25.00. No rebate.

These fees differ if Dr Maria Mackey is coaching the weight loss program.

Cancelled or missed appointments

Cancelled or missed appointments at Mojo Klinik without 24 hours notice will incur the FULL CONSULTATION FEE.